Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break

I went  home to Baltimore for spring break. And thanks to Lent every restaurant and fast food place is pushing sea food, since "good christians" don't eat red meat during lent. SO I been craving some good sea food and Maryland is def a good place for that. I hit up G&M's with my momma and we got some scallops and some crab cakes. The best eva.
G&M's is the best. You know its good cus its always crowded. I  mean always. good thing they have a carry out.

Ethiopian Food

Recently tried Ethiopian food at Zed's in Washington DC Georgetown Area, with my Aunt & Mom for the first time. In true fashion my Aunt chatted up the owner Zed a nice woman, and they had a wonderful conversation about what I have no clue.

 Food was good, and I was full. I had Beef and collard greens (sounds similar to soul food right? not exactly the same but tasty). And my mom had chicken rice and spinach- hers was sooo good I think that was the best. My Aunt had spicy chicken with a hard boiled egg- weird. The chicken was good but I didn't do the egg.

It came family style on a big tray that sits in the middle of the table, and you can share and sample everyone's food. I think its a good example of community style eating. You eat it with your hands or you can use the flat bread to scoop it up. I only took one picture of me, and I'm not posting it. I know you really wanna see it...welll.... maybe... no its not happening. But I found some good 'ol google images thats similar to what & how we ate