Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things Change and Things Remain, Lunch @ Lexington Market

I took a trip back home to baltimore and decided travel on down to Lexington Market, nothing says home like a trip to Lexington Market. My dad use to take me and my big brother almost every Saturday before choir rehearsal at church. We'd be late but our bellys were full of  twisted glazed donuts, chili dogs with jumbo $1 half & halfs. A half & half  is a drink consisting of half lemonade half ice tea or as the world outside of baltimore knows it an Arnold Palmer. Lexington Market is an old school food market with lots of choices deli to donuts, soul food to sea food, pancakes, pastries and produce. I feel like I'm forgetting something theres so many choices. The Market is a solution to a quick and cheap meal be it breakfast lunch or dinner or in between.

     I remember this giant mural we passed every time on our way into downtown baltimore heading to Lexington Market, like an old familiar friend leading me into the city. This time I passed it to discover they were tearing it down, making way for the new red line train route into downtown. This mural has been there before I was born before I can remember, and I can't image traveling into downtown and not seeing it, but I guess things change. It hurt a lil to watch a piece of my past, a piece of b-more die in the daylight.

This particular trip to Lexington Market I decided on a chicken salad sandwich with fried broccoli, and always a jumbo half & half. I haven't found a place that makes chicken or turkey salad as good as The Market, this place sells out if you go too late in the day, and it cost less then a subway $5 foot long and you get more filling.
 I like mine simple chicken salad lettuce salt + peppa

Another stand sells the best french fries made to order, and you can fix em how ever you like.
I like salt peppa vinegar and ketchup (not picture because I devoured them then thought mmm should've shot that first o well) 

At the same place I got fried broccoli. Frying it probably takes all the healthy outta the green veggie but who cares if it taste good you don't fry it everyday. I remember getting this when I was little and loving it, so I got it again. But I guess my feelings have changed towards this fried friend, I def don't like it anymore. But if you get a chance try it, you never know what you'll discover. 

 who knew fried broccoli could be so pretty. 
I guess in the right light anything can look good. 

I have yet to find a place in Philly that reminds me of Lexington Market. Know of one please tell me via email, comment, pigeon carrier, or just take me. I'd love to find a piece of b-more in philly.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CNNs food site Eatocracy

My new fav food site is cnn's eatocracy. Food cover on multiple dimensions, news, entertainment, trends, recipes. They cover everything from food health scares like Four Loko to the new celebrity hot spots to eat with articles like Fame Bites and they even have and article Celebrity Liquor Brands ranked from most Nauseating to Delicious covering all those drinks rappers talk about in their songs and drink in the club so you won't ever be lost in a rappers delight of drinks again!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 4

Temp. 98 degrees accompanied by afternoon thunderstorms
I found shelter in a corner shop on a comfy couch with a ice coffee accompanied by my friend for a game of checkers + conversation

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lion King Burgers

 Lion Burgers 
What?! A restaurant in Phoenix Arizona is serving lion burgers as a World Cup special.
I have to admit my first reaction was: Oh no! Not Simba! But then again, how often do you get to try a Lion Burger?


Heat Wave Cure Day 3


Smoothies will make the heat a lil more bearable, a cool stream of flavor flowing down your esophagus

Baltimore's Farmer's Market is by far my favorite Farmers Market. 
They have everything you need for Sunday brunch and now they even have smoothies at a new stand called Wheely Good Smoothies.
 Smoothies powered by your own two feet! You+ Bike= Smoothy. You get on the stationary bike that is connected to the blender, as you pedal the blades spin crushing and mixing the ingredients.
It was pretty fun to watch people getting the Lance Armstrong Tour de France on! I had on a dress and heels (plus I was late for church) so I didn't go this round but next time its on!

Step 1: Pick a flavor

Step 2: Get on the bike

Step 3: Bike your lil heart out till he tells you to stop

Step 4: Pour + Enjoy a stroll around the rest of the market

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 2


A great way to stay hydrated and cool

Check here for a cool watermelon icy treat

Not sure how to pick out the perfect melon, read  this for some tips

Monday, June 21, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 1

What is with this heat? Guess I should blog about it
While my fan is in heavy rotation I'll post some visual + eatable treats I like to keep cool and eat as I sit in front of the fan's makeshift wind.

Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blueberry Swirl
a spin and twirl on a traditional ice cream sandwich