Friday, February 19, 2010

Salty Fruit

Check out this Blog Orange and Salt 
I just love the way Laurel Morley writes about food. She has a creatively tasty way with words that gives life to her food stories. 
She also has a flickr with more food pics.
She talks about the orange trees in her yard with zest.

"They [the oranges] sag voluptuously on their branches in a 'hey sailor' kind of way, heavy with juice, just begging to be picked.... Last night, I was curled up happily in bed devouring a magazine when just outside my window I heard no less than three fall heavily into the muck below, one at a time.
I fear for my safety. These oranges may be trying to kill us."

My mom started putting salt on watermelon at a young age after her dad told her it makes it taste sweeter. This is where her craving for salty foods began. Her dad started it all. I can just imagine this innocent summer evening

Them sitting on the porch of their old baltimore row home. Her dad starts pouring salt on natures candy and a young version of my mom stares with a puzzled face. 
"Daddy, I don't think that's sugar in that shaker?"
Laughing he says "I know. Its salt. Here try it, its good."
There it was - the moment salt enter her life forever.

I thought she was crazy, I thought she just like to put salt on everythang. She puts salt on everything- so I thought this was just one more thing she's made up in her head that salt belongs on fruit now too. But she was right, salt brings out more of the sweet juice and flavor of the melon.  

Thus inspiring my photos

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fasting Fast Food

Madi Gras or and Fat Tuesday just passed this week, a precursor to the Christain period of lent.
Lent is the time leading up to Easter meant for fasting. SO Fat Tuesday is when you get your last good  fatty meal in before starting your fast.

I don't fast but I may give something up. Like one year I gave up chocolate. That was a challenge because the best thing in my school cafe was the chocolate cake. My dad tried to give up pizza once he didnt do to well, and last year he gave up sweets and sugar during the week- that was a hard thing for him- the man loves sugary things donuts cookies etc. But he pulled it off.  I haven't decided what I'll give up this year, but I like to test my will power.

Some people give up red meat. If you pay attention McDonald's and Wendy's have started promoting their fish sandwiches. Their slogan is "just because its lent doesn't mean you cant have fast food."
(You could fast with your money and not spend it on fast food, your fast doesn't have to be food focused)

Lots of people celebrate Fat Tuesday with pancakes. And I love pancakes. My mom and I use to make breakfast for dinner on Fat Tuesday.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
these could easily be dessert 

G.R.I.T.S and Girls Raised in The South

Grits is more of southern breakfast menu item. If you google shrimp 'n grits one of the related searches is: girls raised in the south. There's a phrase that is a girl is particularly curvy & thick a man might say "Girl you look like ya mama raised you on them grits and chicken".
(If you ever hear this don't be offended its a complement).
Its good with shrimp or salmon and is savory whereas oatmeal is more sweet. Oh and they must be covered drowning in butter.

I had salmon and grits for the first time my freshman year in college. My friend Capri is from North Carolina made them. I'd never had grits accompanied with salmon but its- good trust me. And if you can find a good southern person to make 'em for you even better. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

N.O. Foods

New Orleans does food right + Madi Gras just passed
If you think of Popeyes as really good Louisianna Style food please keep reading cus in the words of Biggie Smalls "Ya Dead Wrong"
Just a few  necessary staples:

My friend Dom makes some bad ass Pralines just speakin' my truth

My friend just traveled to N.O. for Madi Gras it didn't take long for this expected tweet:
"Bout to get down w/ this authentic N.O. food! Shrimp poboy and gumbo!!!" unikikique
She knows the deal
Go get yourself some beads and enjoy

M is for mimosas

I think Mimosas needed its own post. It was necessary.
More thirst quenchers here.


Not quite breakfast not quite lunch, and usually requires mimosas (champagne+ orange juice+ flute glasses)  
Brunch is especially good for late risers like me
It usually happens on Sundays but why wait 'til the end of the week
Tuesday February 23 I'm having Brunch

What to bring any breakfast or lunch item you like. 
Please come with a dish and a story, memory, good anecdote something good to share. 
Even if you don't bring a food dish, you have to bring a verbal dish.
I'll provide plates, cutlery, napkins, cups

Why am I doing this?
Cus food is good No but really tho food is just good AND I working on figuring out why I am interested in food art, the connection + relationships between people and food
I'm probably gonna bring Cinnamon Roll Bites covered in icing  
Feb 23rd is my dad's birthday, he won't be at the brunch but I figured I could make something he'd like anyway, that man loves sugar the more icing the better. I think CinnaBun is one of his top 5 stores at the mall (wonder if they have gift cards)
Mmmm. I'll post more ideas as they come.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2\14 = Chocolate

Ohhhh Valentines Day
A day of sweet gestures, and what's sweeter then dessert?
Heres some sweet pictures way better then any over done cliche box of chocolates 

 Watch love bloom with these

Pink Macaroons with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache

(if I woke up to these I know it'd be a good morning)

(or these...)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Afternoon Slice

A new creative approach to pizza 
same ingredients 
same taste 
different technique

Lunch Time

Just something I stumbled upon
Snack on this Lunches From Around the World

Norwegian Kids eat bags lunches and sandwiches just like us good ol' americans here in the US

This is what lil enfants aka children in France eat for lunch

 Starbucks has an $6 cheese + fruit plate equivalent but much less authentic much less French, nice try though


 Looking up lots of food blogs and photos get you really hungry luckily my friend Watsuki came to the rescue with a papaya. You may ask who whips a papaya right outta their purse? well Watsuki is just pretty awesome like that. She was telling me that in Hawaii (that wheres she's from) the Papaya crops were hit by a virus so papayas a few and far between right now in Hawaii. True Story: check it here, read more here,  get the wiki here.
Even with their scarcity she was nice enough to quell my hunger + share with me.


We ate the flesh and we even tried the seeds which have a peppery spice + heat to them, which to me is strange for a fruit. Watsuki said she heard they have breast cancer fighting powers. Well they might but I couldn't sit around eating papaya seeds all day, but this article is a pretty easy read about the benefits of papaya it says you can eat the whole thing skin and all Im not going that far that just what it says.

I just love mango salsa but since were talking papaya

Pan Seared Scallops with Maradol Papaya Salsa


Brunch + Bailey

No not the drink, but my friend Bailey & I brunched @ Sabrina's Cafe (although a little Bailey's is always a nice addition to coffee)

Always a good thing to mix business with pleasure Bail was a test run for food art ideas I creating.
The Highlight of the menu had to be the special Jersey Shore menu featuring items like "The Situation Salad" and the "Snooki Knock Out Nachos"

We did a fist pump in their honor, but strayed away form these options. Bailey went Italian with roast pepper & chicken sandwich, while I traveled to the islands with a grill tuna sandwich with wasabi mayo, both with slaw + sweet potato fries, never had em well then your missing out.
     I asked Bail to write do her thoughts about the her food before +after the meal on her napkin. And I told her to feel free to use it while we ate, and I did the same. More pics below.....




We kicked that food ass

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its a celebration!!

My birthday just passed, what's a better way to celebrate then with cake and ice cream! I prefer cupcakes because its like your own personal cake. These are some tasty cup cakes I found:

what a dream these may 
just inspirer me to write poetry 
or bake or maybe 
just go buy a cup cake 
see I'm rhyming already
thanks evilshenanigans 

CoCo Chocolate Cup Cakes  
all that alliteration makes my mouth
who doesn't have weakness
for chocolate

I scream you scream...
( just a lil childhood throw back)

Who knows ice cream better then Turkey Hill
check there Ice Cream Journal

For a little ambiance the best birthday song ever

Every year my family calls and sings to me, its better then gifts

Friday, February 5, 2010

FWB: food with benefits

I serve on a committee at my college.
How do I benefit from this you ask?
I get treated to lunch at least once a semester 
We had foods from Asia on the Parkway 

Bombay Chicken Skewers (4)
Chicken lightly curry and grilled, over
Chefs salad in a delicious sauce

Mumbai, India formerly known as Bombay. Although I have no direct connection to India, I've always had a desire to go there. A few years back I found a picture of my grandfather from when he served in the US military. He was stationed in India. All this did was fuel my desire to travel there even more. I have no clue where my need to see India came from but I think it came from my grandfather. 

Then I made this piece: Letter to My Grandfather