Thursday, February 18, 2010

G.R.I.T.S and Girls Raised in The South

Grits is more of southern breakfast menu item. If you google shrimp 'n grits one of the related searches is: girls raised in the south. There's a phrase that is a girl is particularly curvy & thick a man might say "Girl you look like ya mama raised you on them grits and chicken".
(If you ever hear this don't be offended its a complement).
Its good with shrimp or salmon and is savory whereas oatmeal is more sweet. Oh and they must be covered drowning in butter.

I had salmon and grits for the first time my freshman year in college. My friend Capri is from North Carolina made them. I'd never had grits accompanied with salmon but its- good trust me. And if you can find a good southern person to make 'em for you even better. 

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