Friday, February 12, 2010

Brunch + Bailey

No not the drink, but my friend Bailey & I brunched @ Sabrina's Cafe (although a little Bailey's is always a nice addition to coffee)

Always a good thing to mix business with pleasure Bail was a test run for food art ideas I creating.
The Highlight of the menu had to be the special Jersey Shore menu featuring items like "The Situation Salad" and the "Snooki Knock Out Nachos"

We did a fist pump in their honor, but strayed away form these options. Bailey went Italian with roast pepper & chicken sandwich, while I traveled to the islands with a grill tuna sandwich with wasabi mayo, both with slaw + sweet potato fries, never had em well then your missing out.
     I asked Bail to write do her thoughts about the her food before +after the meal on her napkin. And I told her to feel free to use it while we ate, and I did the same. More pics below.....




We kicked that food ass

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  1. Bailey's eyes say, "come to me burger, you're mine!" I love it!