Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Not quite breakfast not quite lunch, and usually requires mimosas (champagne+ orange juice+ flute glasses)  
Brunch is especially good for late risers like me
It usually happens on Sundays but why wait 'til the end of the week
Tuesday February 23 I'm having Brunch

What to bring any breakfast or lunch item you like. 
Please come with a dish and a story, memory, good anecdote something good to share. 
Even if you don't bring a food dish, you have to bring a verbal dish.
I'll provide plates, cutlery, napkins, cups

Why am I doing this?
Cus food is good No but really tho food is just good AND I working on figuring out why I am interested in food art, the connection + relationships between people and food
I'm probably gonna bring Cinnamon Roll Bites covered in icing  
Feb 23rd is my dad's birthday, he won't be at the brunch but I figured I could make something he'd like anyway, that man loves sugar the more icing the better. I think CinnaBun is one of his top 5 stores at the mall (wonder if they have gift cards)
Mmmm. I'll post more ideas as they come.

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