Friday, February 5, 2010

FWB: food with benefits

I serve on a committee at my college.
How do I benefit from this you ask?
I get treated to lunch at least once a semester 
We had foods from Asia on the Parkway 

Bombay Chicken Skewers (4)
Chicken lightly curry and grilled, over
Chefs salad in a delicious sauce

Mumbai, India formerly known as Bombay. Although I have no direct connection to India, I've always had a desire to go there. A few years back I found a picture of my grandfather from when he served in the US military. He was stationed in India. All this did was fuel my desire to travel there even more. I have no clue where my need to see India came from but I think it came from my grandfather. 

Then I made this piece: Letter to My Grandfather

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