Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthdays we sipp champion cus we thirsty

Happy Birthday to My Roomie!
How else could we celebrate then with a Cup Cake from Brown Betty Boutique! Only the best.
We are repeat offenders! Always heart them!


Honey's is definitely sweet. Work Hard. Eat Good. After a day of filming we stopped for late lunch early dinner , linner? It doesn't matter how you label it the meal was good! Everything on the menu enticed my eyes + stomach. This place will be a repeat. 
(*a bonus everything is fresh organic and grown locally)
Honey's 800 North 4th Street, Philadelphia

Chips n Guacamole 

Peaches + Cream French Toast with Raspberry drizzle. 

Repeat appearance

Tofu wrap

Mystery Solved!

Food Trucks re-visited: It has no name and no frills but some plants + garlic that garnish the side of the truck + some plates too. Who knew smells this good could emanate from a truck. The past 4 years me + friend Domo have walked passed this truck on our busy journeys  but we didn't know what they sold! (There is no menu + no sign). We made a pact before we graduated as seniors we'd find out. Now we know it is the most amazing greek food that one can find on a food truck. All the ingredients are fresh and home made by the gentleman who owns it. His motto quality of quantity, but you still get a load of food! 
Grilled chicken, falafel, salad, grapes, couscous, hummus, + roll, topped with a sprig of spring time rosemary.
 The corner of 20th St and JKF Blvd, follow the smells and the long line of people can't miss it. 

Mimosas with Mom

Me and moms grabbed a pre-graduation breakfast at a local neighbor hood shop: Coffee House on Girard Ave and Front St. 113 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia to be exact
Free mimosas or bloody mary with any breakfast sandwich! 
We sat in there back garden patio, a refreshing breakfast just for the girls.
Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant - I can hear 'em now in a romantic buttery french accent saying "eat me, savor me."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh Bakery be there Eat Square

I'm very excited to announce my cousin Michael Simon has opened a bakery in Baltimore MD there are 2 location Townson Town Mall and Columbia Mall.
His desserts are the highlight of my Thanksgiving Dinner now I don't have to wait for family gatherings to enjoy his baking. I can have them all year round and so can you.
These are no ordinary cupcakes, they are beautifully square with very creative + unique decorations. Check out the pics below and there are even more deliciousness on his site  Fresh Bakery - if you don't live in Maryland these pictures might make you take a road trip!

Friday, May 14, 2010


My teacher took us all n a field trip to IHOP! Teachers of America try and and that! We have the best field trips.
This lil girl needs french toast stat!

Every coffee should look like this one

May+cinco= Chipotle

Cinco de Mayo. great excuse for beer and burritos. Chipotle. Big Ass Burritos.

Strawberries + Cream

My Last Day of class before graduation consisted of Cupcakes and Strawberries bought in by the lovely Angela

Naked Chocolate

 Naked Chocolate

31 S 18th St, Philadelphia
1317 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

If you ever need some good eye candy check there website its just a slide show of their tasty treats. My mouth is watering.

There display case is full of decadent desserts that would make you vow to eat dessert for  three meals a day. 

Raspberry Cookie Bar + Chocolate Cake

Chai Tea

Caramel Frap

The Pit

The Pita Pit that is! Down in the dumps stop through the Pita Pit for a pick me up.
1601 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
and you can order online and they deliver check the website

My homie Rachel works at The Pita Pit, i think she makes an pretty awesome Pita. She'll suggest the buffalo chicken - because she loves hot sauce on ev-er-y-thang! But if you don't like spicy they have plenty of other toppings. Its a chill atmosphere and they may even play your fav Pandora station if your nice to them. And don't forget to hit the tip jar if you like your service: I always make it rain when I come in that place.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Close to dinner Time

Ever notice how around 3 or 4 o' clock hunger starts to attack your stomach and it start yelling at you Feed Me Feed Me, but its not dinner time yet?
 .... maybe its just me this happens to....
Any whoo
Here some good dinner plate for your visual appetite, caution this may actually increase your hunger
by the time your done you will be hungry and maybe it'll be dinner time and you'll have some inspiration of what to eat!

Shrimp Tacos 

BBQ Chicken Burgers

Fettucini with Baby Artichokes

Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Vice for Veggie Growers

Saw this blog about growing perennial vegetables. I thought only flowers could be perennial.

This is what has to say on the matter :

perennial –adjective

lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring: her perennialbeauty.
(of plants) having a life cycle lasting more than two years.
lasting or continuing throughout the entire year, as astream.
perpetual; everlasting; continuing; recurrent.

Since I'm growing my own tomatoes + strawberries (both are doing really well I'll post pics really soon)
My roomie wants to grow a peach tree I tol dher when I get a farm I'll get right on it....but mayeb green peppers are next on my list ...or watermelons o there so much to choose from!
Figured I should read up on it a little bit