Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 4

Temp. 98 degrees accompanied by afternoon thunderstorms
I found shelter in a corner shop on a comfy couch with a ice coffee accompanied by my friend for a game of checkers + conversation

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lion King Burgers

 Lion Burgers 
What?! A restaurant in Phoenix Arizona is serving lion burgers as a World Cup special.
I have to admit my first reaction was: Oh no! Not Simba! But then again, how often do you get to try a Lion Burger?


Heat Wave Cure Day 3


Smoothies will make the heat a lil more bearable, a cool stream of flavor flowing down your esophagus

Baltimore's Farmer's Market is by far my favorite Farmers Market. 
They have everything you need for Sunday brunch and now they even have smoothies at a new stand called Wheely Good Smoothies.
 Smoothies powered by your own two feet! You+ Bike= Smoothy. You get on the stationary bike that is connected to the blender, as you pedal the blades spin crushing and mixing the ingredients.
It was pretty fun to watch people getting the Lance Armstrong Tour de France on! I had on a dress and heels (plus I was late for church) so I didn't go this round but next time its on!

Step 1: Pick a flavor

Step 2: Get on the bike

Step 3: Bike your lil heart out till he tells you to stop

Step 4: Pour + Enjoy a stroll around the rest of the market

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 2


A great way to stay hydrated and cool

Check here for a cool watermelon icy treat

Not sure how to pick out the perfect melon, read  this for some tips

Monday, June 21, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 1

What is with this heat? Guess I should blog about it
While my fan is in heavy rotation I'll post some visual + eatable treats I like to keep cool and eat as I sit in front of the fan's makeshift wind.

Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blueberry Swirl
a spin and twirl on a traditional ice cream sandwich

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr. Spriggs Bar B Q commercial

Grilled Cheese: A Classic w/ a Twist

Grilled Cheese w/ Spinach + Sweet Potato Fries. 
Created by Me.
K.I.S.S. ( keep it simple stupid, with a lil something extra)

Happy Hour!

Went to Happy Hour at Mexican Restaurant On The Border 
Shrimp Cocktail

Friday Lunch

Turkey Apple Spinach Sandwich Mustard on the side

Orange Italian Soda

Soul Craving

Butters Soul Food 

mac n cheese sweet potatoes stuffed baked chicken and corn bread. Good food interesting service, will  be calling ahead next time, but the important part is their will be a next time. The service and customers were colorful characters. The guy that made my food was actually from baltimore, so I had a feeling the food would be good anyway. 

Baltimore Yat Gaw Mein

A Baltimore Fav pronounced Yak Gow Mane. 
I find that different regions do this cheap Chinese dish differently. 
West Baltimore makes a sweet version, East Baltimore salty, and Philly's version is covered in gravy and not ketchup. 

I am partial to Baltimore West Side Version from  Loon Yee Carry Out in Edmondson Village , and I haven't had it in FOREVER.

I went home to Baldimore and picked up some Yat Gaw Mein for my homie Tillery+ I.
You can't get Yat like this in Philly anywhere! 

Thick Noodles + Beef Covered in Soy Sauce Onions Hard Boiled Egg + Sweet Ketchup! 

A take out classic with a classic grape soda

Granted you'll have the worst breathe ever after this meal, but hey it happens ever now and then.

Back to Reality: Airport Food

Layover at the airport the official end to our 3 course meal vacation. Chicken wraps Buffalo Wings and Fries w/ a soda on the side
Not the healthiest meal but hey don't judge me I was on vacation. 

Cuisine Cruising

I'm on a Boat! Well I was and internet doesn't come cheap in international waters, so I'm updating you a lil late on all the scrumptious food I had on my vaca. All I kept hearing about cruise ships is that the food will blow your mind and all you do is eat. I ate good the whole trip but I'll let the pictures speak for me and you can see for yourself

Day 1: Malaysia Food Bar 

Dinner Fall off the bone St. Louis Ribs 

Dessert Chocolate Layer Cake 

My new Favorite dessert I want this instead of birthday cake always and forever

Day 2: Afternoon Drink 
Drink of the Day which one I dont remember they were all soo good and strong 

Afternoon Snack: Chocolate Tuxedo Strawberries 
Relaxin on deck drink in one hand strawberry in the other - the good life

Dinner Lobster baby
Mashed potatoes and parmesan broccoli 

Day 3 Lunch: Deck BBQ 
Hot Dogg w/ spicy  slaw + Mini Slider Burgers w/ spicy slaw 

Room Service PB+J
Free room service you can have anything you want, what does my grown ass man brother order a peanut butter and jelly sammy... really tho dude
I was mad, then I tasted it. It was the best pbj I eva had the perfect combination of the two.

Dinner Appetizer Corn and Spinach Salad 
Sometimes presentation is everything, a glorious tower of food

Day 4 Lunch Pasta Bar 
Chicken + Broccoli + Spinache Penne in Alfredo Sauce 
Customized to my taste

This was a risky surprise of Roast Beef and Spinach, a very non traditional choice but very tasty

Dinner Appetizer Ice Cream Soup

Fried Shrimp + Curly Fries special Sauce

I've always wanted to try this, and was some what disappointed. This dessert is very hyped up, and didn't live up to my expectations. Very pretty to look at though.

I don't know how I have been living all my life with out 3 course meals, and I am not sure how I'll go on but this trip was amazing so was the food