Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baltimore Yat Gaw Mein

A Baltimore Fav pronounced Yak Gow Mane. 
I find that different regions do this cheap Chinese dish differently. 
West Baltimore makes a sweet version, East Baltimore salty, and Philly's version is covered in gravy and not ketchup. 

I am partial to Baltimore West Side Version from  Loon Yee Carry Out in Edmondson Village , and I haven't had it in FOREVER.

I went home to Baldimore and picked up some Yat Gaw Mein for my homie Tillery+ I.
You can't get Yat like this in Philly anywhere! 

Thick Noodles + Beef Covered in Soy Sauce Onions Hard Boiled Egg + Sweet Ketchup! 

A take out classic with a classic grape soda

Granted you'll have the worst breathe ever after this meal, but hey it happens ever now and then.

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  1. Ketchup? Now that sounds Asian...

    This is the real deal.