Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baltimore Yat Gaw Mein

A Baltimore Fav pronounced Yak Gow Mane. 
I find that different regions do this cheap Chinese dish differently. 
West Baltimore makes a sweet version, East Baltimore salty, and Philly's version is covered in gravy and not ketchup. 

I am partial to Baltimore West Side Version from  Loon Yee Carry Out in Edmondson Village , and I haven't had it in FOREVER.

I went home to Baldimore and picked up some Yat Gaw Mein for my homie Tillery+ I.
You can't get Yat like this in Philly anywhere! 

Thick Noodles + Beef Covered in Soy Sauce Onions Hard Boiled Egg + Sweet Ketchup! 

A take out classic with a classic grape soda

Granted you'll have the worst breathe ever after this meal, but hey it happens ever now and then.


  1. Ketchup? Now that sounds Asian...

    This is the real deal.

  2. Nope. You gotta go to Yuens on Chester street behind Northeast Market. After Yuens, everything else is trash, lol.

  3. Turns the best that ever did it.