Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heat Wave Cure Day 3


Smoothies will make the heat a lil more bearable, a cool stream of flavor flowing down your esophagus

Baltimore's Farmer's Market is by far my favorite Farmers Market. 
They have everything you need for Sunday brunch and now they even have smoothies at a new stand called Wheely Good Smoothies.
 Smoothies powered by your own two feet! You+ Bike= Smoothy. You get on the stationary bike that is connected to the blender, as you pedal the blades spin crushing and mixing the ingredients.
It was pretty fun to watch people getting the Lance Armstrong Tour de France on! I had on a dress and heels (plus I was late for church) so I didn't go this round but next time its on!

Step 1: Pick a flavor

Step 2: Get on the bike

Step 3: Bike your lil heart out till he tells you to stop

Step 4: Pour + Enjoy a stroll around the rest of the market

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