Friday, February 19, 2010

Salty Fruit

Check out this Blog Orange and Salt 
I just love the way Laurel Morley writes about food. She has a creatively tasty way with words that gives life to her food stories. 
She also has a flickr with more food pics.
She talks about the orange trees in her yard with zest.

"They [the oranges] sag voluptuously on their branches in a 'hey sailor' kind of way, heavy with juice, just begging to be picked.... Last night, I was curled up happily in bed devouring a magazine when just outside my window I heard no less than three fall heavily into the muck below, one at a time.
I fear for my safety. These oranges may be trying to kill us."

My mom started putting salt on watermelon at a young age after her dad told her it makes it taste sweeter. This is where her craving for salty foods began. Her dad started it all. I can just imagine this innocent summer evening

Them sitting on the porch of their old baltimore row home. Her dad starts pouring salt on natures candy and a young version of my mom stares with a puzzled face. 
"Daddy, I don't think that's sugar in that shaker?"
Laughing he says "I know. Its salt. Here try it, its good."
There it was - the moment salt enter her life forever.

I thought she was crazy, I thought she just like to put salt on everythang. She puts salt on everything- so I thought this was just one more thing she's made up in her head that salt belongs on fruit now too. But she was right, salt brings out more of the sweet juice and flavor of the melon.  

Thus inspiring my photos

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