Friday, February 12, 2010


 Looking up lots of food blogs and photos get you really hungry luckily my friend Watsuki came to the rescue with a papaya. You may ask who whips a papaya right outta their purse? well Watsuki is just pretty awesome like that. She was telling me that in Hawaii (that wheres she's from) the Papaya crops were hit by a virus so papayas a few and far between right now in Hawaii. True Story: check it here, read more here,  get the wiki here.
Even with their scarcity she was nice enough to quell my hunger + share with me.


We ate the flesh and we even tried the seeds which have a peppery spice + heat to them, which to me is strange for a fruit. Watsuki said she heard they have breast cancer fighting powers. Well they might but I couldn't sit around eating papaya seeds all day, but this article is a pretty easy read about the benefits of papaya it says you can eat the whole thing skin and all Im not going that far that just what it says.

I just love mango salsa but since were talking papaya

Pan Seared Scallops with Maradol Papaya Salsa


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