Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Food Trucks re-visited: It has no name and no frills but some plants + garlic that garnish the side of the truck + some plates too. Who knew smells this good could emanate from a truck. The past 4 years me + friend Domo have walked passed this truck on our busy journeys  but we didn't know what they sold! (There is no menu + no sign). We made a pact before we graduated as seniors we'd find out. Now we know it is the most amazing greek food that one can find on a food truck. All the ingredients are fresh and home made by the gentleman who owns it. His motto quality of quantity, but you still get a load of food! 
Grilled chicken, falafel, salad, grapes, couscous, hummus, + roll, topped with a sprig of spring time rosemary.
 The corner of 20th St and JKF Blvd, follow the smells and the long line of people can't miss it. 

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