Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Trucks better then Drive Thrus

It's not that woman holding up traffic trying to drive and eat her bagel + hold her cup of coffee.
Food trucks are definitely a Philadelphia staple right next to cheesesteaks and soft pretzels.
Philly is to food trucks as New York is hotdog stands, except they're not on every corner and have better variety. They are trucks probably because of this little thing called the PPA, and if you've ever heard of the TV show Philly Parking Wars you know parking + tickets it aint no joke (well kinda the show is pretty funny, + watching pissed off people argue check it ). So the easy mobility factor is a plus, and if the crowd is slow on one area you just move to another.

But here are a couple Food Trucks that I love, if you can't find them in the city stalk them .... I mean follow them on twitter, but they usually have a schedule of routine spots.

Buttercream Cup Cake Truck 
Buttercream Twitter for locations
For the past month every Friday she has been @20th St and Cherry which happens to be right around the corner from my school!!!! So my Friday class usually takes a mini field trip for cup cakes. I've had the  red velvet with cream cheese icing, chocolate chocolate ganache,  chocolate with peanut butter icing, and lemon with strawberry with icing <----- like biting into springtime  mmmm mater of fact today is Friday.... maybe I'll try a new one some time they have special flavors and when they test new flavors they're cheaper

Dom's 1st time Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Me Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing

 Lemon Strawberry Spring Time

 Bailey's first

Honest Toms Taco Truck
Honest Tom's Twitter for locations
I've seen this truck its over in crazy bright colors visually simulating hopefully satisfying to my taste buds - its on my list of things to do. I've seen it before all the way across the parkway and the bright graffiti caught my eye and blew my mind but I had no clue what it was until I read about it in Philadelphia City Paper - and I couldn't run across 4 lanes of The Parkway traffic to get to it although I wanted too, but I like living. Now that I know there a taco truck that looks this cool I'm definitely follow it - on twitter that is not on foot.

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